Individual Therapy

Convinced that what’s experienced inside reflects on the outside, I accompany you with enthusiasm and passion in a liberating exercise aimed at completely inhabiting your life:

Be present to yourself, in your authenticity and your vulnerability.

Liberate yourself from the scrutiny of others, from shame, from inner judgments.

Experience and live your own power, in the relationship with yourself and with others.

Having followed – and still pursuing – this path myself enables me to accompany you on your very own journey… in the manner that’s most appropriate for you.

You and I together, we will embark on a process of profound transformation, one that’s based on an authentic relationship, on mutual trust and confidence, carried by my genuinely positive outlook, my insight, my legitimacy, and my passion for humankind.

Practical arrangements

50 minutes therapy session

In my private practice or by videoconference

120 € / consultation

Payment in cash or by check, in € or CHF

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“Flora is no silent shrink: She behaves like a mirror and reflects back to me what sometimes I don’t perceive myself. Working with her, I feel more aligned, more serene, more confident. If you want to get to know and accept yourself better, if you are looking for a gentle, compassionate, soothing way to be accompanied, I recommend Flora without hesitation!”


“Working with Flora had a huge impact on me. She introduced me to new skills, like meditation, which have helped me tremendously. I am calmer, more present, and most importantly: I now clearly see the way for me to move forward. I recommend her to you… highly !”


“Before I met Flora, I was seeing a therapist because I thought I was not well. During the sessions, I would talk about my life, thinking I would solve my problems. But in truth, more and more I had the imposed feeling of wearing a mask.

The reason I booked an appointment with Flora is that I wanted to find out more about “high potential” people, and by extension, how this could be applied to myself?

Over the course of our therapy sessions, I began to understand why, today, I have learned the importance of listening to myself better, to truly love myself, and to celebrate my brilliance every day.

Putting it like this sounds simple, but believe me; it was not! The gentleness, the creativity, the compassion shown by Flora towards me now allows me to better accept and understand myself.

I have been consulting Flora for over one year, and for me, it is essential to have this playground of discovery… of learning about myself. It has become my primary place of wellbeing. And to use Flora’s own words: We write “my manual” together.”


Are you ready to start?