Who am I

I always was passionate about human relationships and the complexity of the human brain. I also love to understand and elaborate innovative solutions. My career reflects these many facets. I worked as an engineer for six years, in a large international organization where I was able to exercise my analytical skills but also my relationship skills, dealing with many interlocutors of various profiles.
 I did not feel fully fulfilled in this job and I aspired to put the human at the heart of my professional life.

I return to school to study Psychology where I obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical and Affective Psychology from the University of Geneva. I also trained in the practice of integrative psychotherapy, with a University Diploma from the University of Lyon 1, in addition to seminairs on acceptance and commitment therapy. I am currently training in psychotherapy in Person-centered Approach with ACP France.

I have also experienced personal therapy with several psychologists who use different tools and methods. All this forges my practice today, influenced by different approaches to be able to adapt to each patient, in their individuality.